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Aquarium - automated with Raspberry PI

I've bought a (cheap) aquarium, and as I love tropical fish, but am also a very lazy person, I want this automated using a Raspberry PI.

I want AquaPI to: manage power outlets with a Relay (so I can switch pumps, heating, ...), create a day/night - season emulating lighting program on a timer, with some weather situations (thunderstorm, cloudy weather, ...), an automatic fish feeder, constant measurements of water temperature, pH and free ammonia and alert when conditions deteriorate. Of course this all needs to be controllable from any device, so I want a web-interface. Oh, and a web-cam of course :-)

I have the scrolling LED display up and running through the SPI interface. It will show temperature, pH and free Ammonia (but really dim as to not disturb the other animals in the house (me, my wife and daughter). When a remote connection is made, IP and username are shown (to alert when my hacker friends found a way in; please don't kill my fish :-S ).

Today I refitted the LED strips with breadboard cables and tested them to check temperature levels of all connections before installing. I will test dimming functions later since my N-channel power MOSFET (IRLB8721) are yet to arrive. These transistors are capable of handling the power of the LEDS and can be controlled with the 3.3V from Raspberry GPIO with PWM.

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