g3rt is the company behind Gert Nelen, a network security specialist with more then 15 years of hands on experience in some of the most demanding networks and many other fields involving security.

We provide ICT consultancy services, focusing on everything related to network and system security.

Cyberthreats are real and we need to fend off attacks more often than we know. The challenge is to know in what to invest, where to invest it and how to make sure the investment keeps delivering at peak performance. A great many times organizations have all the reporting and prevention tools at the time of an attack on premise that - if configured correctly - could have prevented that same attack. By providing analysis skills and a specialized knowledge of security best practices on all levels of the field we would like to help companies maximize the defensive output of their security budgets.


presenting: Gert


Hello! I'm Gert


Having worked more then 15 years in  the domain of network infrastructure and security and more than 10 years working for and with intelligence services, I have a lot of experience to bring to the table. I have worked in very heterogenous environments with extreme security requirements, built networks compliant with NATO and EU standards and advised in several breach incidents. I have hands-on experience on a number of tools and platforms, among which Fortinet, Juniper, Suricata, Cisco,... I can work in and with a team and can communicate clearly.




What can we do for you?
Here you can check my availability

I'm just one man and I might not be available much during periods in which I am on a full-time contract on a project. Here I'll keep you posted on my current contract load and duration. Smaller assists or assesments might always be possible. For any information you can always contact me. 

Values we hold high...

Discretion is one of the most important pillars, next to the trust relationship between security consultant and client. A clear and open communication between all levels involved and respect for each person's expertise are very important for a succesfull coöperation. I usually make my deadlines and am dedicated to the project I'm working on.

For secure mailcommunication you can download the public pgp key for gert.nelen at g3rt.be.